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Investment Banking Excel Course

Learn to use Excel like the professionals do on Wall Street. By the end of this course, you'll be a spreadsheet king, breezing through Excel without touching your mouse (the correct way to use Excel).

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A Message From Our Instructor

What is the Investment Banking Excel Course?

Investment Banking excel course was specifically designed to use Excel like an Investment Banker, who are renowned for their mastery of spreadsheets. By the end of the course, you should be able use Excel without a mouse (the correct way to use Excel). The course was created by Overheard on Wall Street, a popular finance media company with over a half a million subscribers across its various platforms.

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Our Graduates Work on Leading Wall Street Firms

What Our Graduates Have to Say

“I needed an excel refresher after I left investment banking to start my own company. I thought I was decent as excel but was blown away but how many new tips and tricks I learned. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to use excel like they do on Wall Street.”

Kunal Chauhan
Lazard IB Analyst

“I’m glad someone finally made a course that wasn’t written by someone in the back office. The banker humor and real world applications really sold this course for me. It’s amazing what you can learn after only a few years as a banker. Having these skills really helped me excel in my internship, and I got the return offer too!”

Incoming Investment Banking Analyst

"I've been on Wall Street for years but wanted to take this course to see if we can better train our investment banking analysts (let’s just say they are a little slow when they start). Some thoughts: 1) I liked that this course is taught by a private equity associate. I think at that point you are the peak of your excel powers since the older you get, the less you use Excel. 2) Henry is an incredible teacher, and his dry banking humor is very appropriate for their target audience. I forwarded it to my entire analyst class, who could learn a thing or two.”

“I have been trying to get up the curve in excel since my business school professors are not excel savvy at all. This course is exactly what I was looking for. To the point lessons, short videos, easy to understand commentary with real world applications. A great way to learn excel and fast.”

MBA, Harvard Business School

"Being a part of the finance industry for over a decade, I've seen and participated in various training programs. But this Investment Banking Excel Course is in a league of its own. I love how ‘real’ the teacher keeps it and is there no corporate bs. It's comprehensive and the knowledge it provides is practical for any finance job. Worth every penny!"

“As an associate in banking, I can confirm that a lot of what Henry flagged as things that would make your associate angry is very true. I took this course to refresh my skills since I’ve been out of modeling for a bit, and it really gave me the quick refresher I needed. Plus I learned some new tricks too!”

Bulge Bracket IB Associate

Money Back Guarantee

We're certain that our course, created by Wall Street professionals, will equip you with the skills needed for Excel mastery. If you're not satisfied with the course content and its applicability to your Excel skills, we'll refund your investment 100%, no questions asked. We're not just offering a course, but a risk-free investment into your future success.

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